Marriage bringing families back together.

Maybe as far back as 1800-1830. No more recent than 1840 since 22 was born around 1895. All Bhaloti Maliks trace their descent back to one of two brothers (4 and 5). These two brothers probably lived about 200 years ago during the reign of Ranjit Singh (so they might have known Baba Shaikh Daud who managed to get my telephone back for me). For 3 generations the descendants of these two brothers did not intermarry (at least within the village).
1950-1970 Two brothers, descendants of 5, marry two sisters who are direct desendants of 4. Two sisters of these two women marry two paternal first cousins of 14 and 17 (also descendants of 5).
1980-1999 24, 25 are both parallel paternal and parallel maternal first cousins. They are both direct descendants of 4 and 5 through both their mothers and their fathers (24's mother and father are 14 and 15). 26 and 27 are first cousins (27's mother is 26's father's sister). With this generation the separation between the descendants of 4 and 5 in Bhalot is greatly reduced. Rumours of tension between these two lineages from two/three generations back might explain why there was a long gap in intermarriage between them.
The blue lines show the truncated line of descent from 4 (skipping the 3 generations in between to keep the chart comprehensible). 15, 18, 29, 32 are all sisters and great-great-granddaughters of 4.