View of the Village from the main road.

The main part of the village is where most of the Maliks live. It is built onto the smallest of three hills lying in a row. I have heard that the village used to lie between the other two hills but because of frequent raids moved onto the top of this hill during Ranjit Singh's reign in Punjab (early 19rh century).

The big house on top of the hill to the right is the home of one of two brothers who are very prominent village leaders. Apart from being large and comfortable homes these houses have the advantage of being directly opposite the Jouma mosque so going to prayers is easy. Since the first prayers are very early this isn't something to be ignored.

The boys on the road come running every time I walk around the village with a camera. Just before I took this video footage they came and begged me to take their picture. In the beginning I always complied but these days I tend to take photos of people doing something interesting rather than just standing in front of the camera. This is not as easy as it sounds since people doing interesting things can stop doing them in the blink of an eye when they see a camera. Suddenly everyone in the area is standing bolt upright and straightening their moustaches or pugree to have a beautiful portrait photo made. The video camera sometimes simplifies things since I can keep the camera on even after they've posed and are back to doing the interesting thing (from my point of view).