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  1.  This article summarises a section of a thesis (The Realm of the Supernatural among the South-Eastern Bantu) accepted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Oxford, June 1936.
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  9.  For the cultural background of the South-Eastern Bantu vide Schapera (a).
  10.  N.B. They were widows before the ceremony: the ceremony formally indicates them to the social status of widows.
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  14.  The emphasis is on cult of the ancestors, not cult of the dead.
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  18.  The village may be moved.
  19.  This point might be pursued with profit after making allowance for technical ability. Thus Robertson relates the difference in Greek and Egyptian architecture to religious beliefs.
  20.  I am not considering the beliefs that the ancestors send trouble, or help, their descendants, and punish erring members of the family.
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  22.  Hoernlé (a). Dr. Fortes tells me that the Tallensi of the Gold Coast quite often give this sort of reason for their ancestral cult.
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  25.  The former would in my opinion be the usual course. Quarrels or mere increase in size would lead to the hiving off of lineages.
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