Simon Banks (written 1998)

I have just graduated as a mature student with a B.A. Hons in Social Anthropology (with an approved year abroad) at the University of Kent at Canterbury. My approved year was spent at Jyvaskyla University in central Finland.

Whilst in Finland I learned to ski, both downhill and cross country, and gained sufficient proficiency to ski the Finlandia Hihto, an annual ski marathon event. I also participated in traditional Finnish Folk dance and held English conversation classes in order to supplement my grant. Other interests include sailing, trekking, cycling. I jog, enjoy music and philosophical discussions about life with my friends.

At the end of my first year at the University of Kent I was First Mate on the Panawina expedition, sailing a 17m ketch from Malta to India. I was fully involved in the planning, recruitment and implementation of the project from its beginning.

Having spent a year studying Visual Anthropology under Dr Peter Parkes and Dr Michael Fischer I was asked to come and expand my original project. Having enlarged and updated the original project to its present size I am now in a position to seek similar suitable full time employment.

... It's a year on now and Simon is hoping to begin an MSc in Computer Science in the autumn (eds.).


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