Problem: Movies will not play

Check to see if QuickTime is installed. If not, quit your web browser
and install it. If QuickTime is installed but the movies will not play,
reinstall it (QuickTime installers for Macintosh and Windows are
included on the CD in the Resources folder.)

Problem: Cannot hear audio
If you are using external speakers be sure that they are on and that the
volume is turned up. Please note that some movies in the Powell-
Cotton Museum section (Gorilla-hunt and Iron smelting) have no
sound. The audio for a movie can be adjusted by holding down the
mouse button on the audio speaker icon at the left end of the slider and
dragging the tiny volume slider up or down.

In order to hear the audio of the CD on a Macintosh the correct version
of Sound Manager must be installed in your machine. The QuickTime
Installer (on the CD in the Resources folder) puts the
correct version of Sound Manager (as well as QuickTime) on your

If the Sound manager is installed but you still cannot hear the audio,
check the volume level on your system by looking at the Sound control
panel in the Control Panels folder in the System folder. If you still
cannot hear the audio reinstall QuickTime from the QuickTime Installer
folder on the CD.

If you are using Windows 95 or NT click on the speaker icon on the
right end of the task bar along the bottom of the screen to adjust the
volume level. If using Windows 3.1 or NT3.5 find the Multimedia
Properties control panel in the Main program group in order to adjust
the volume.