Field Diary 1960


Sally and the Fon of Bum

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Esther and Namabang
June 8th

We arrived in the Landrover at the river at about 10.45 a.m. where we were met by Pastor Dom and the Baptist School Teacher, Mr Daniel Bang, and walked up to Fonfuka with them...

Njito at Community Development Meeting
June 9th

There followed a Regency under Njang-a-Yiwi - "held the throne as a woman"

Ful Mwancum and Ndifon Bala
June 10th - Fonfuka

The Fon sent Ndifo and Ful to inquire how we had slept. (Phyllis has christened them the Two Good Uncles.) We learn some greetings and we show them our notebooks, crocks, canvas bath, and folding table...

Palace Lightning Conductor
June 11th - Lagabum

We started off at about 8.30 a.m. for Lagabum. The Fon had arranged carriers and had deputed Yangsi to accompany us...

Langa Dancer with Flywhisk
June 12th

Very early this morning, after sunrise, four shots were fired in our honour (as we were told later - we thought it was to summon chindas to work)...

Fon Sawe and Fon Saf
June 13th

We were called out at about 9 a.m. to see the langa maskers - two human-headed (bongse langa-su) and a buffalo-masker (buli)...


Ya Yufwa
June 14th - Fonfuka

After farewells we walk downhill at a good pace, sorry to leave the cool palace and its hospitable folk. Perhaps we shall never know from 'Bala the Ndifo' why things don't fall off the earth...

Fumbain Dancers
June 15th - Fonfuka

Peter had been sent by the Fon to help us...


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