Phyllis Kaberry's Fieldnotes

9th to 16th April 1963

P.M. Kaberry at the palace


Before this brief visit Phyllis Kaberry restudied the administrative files in the hope of finding further clues to the recruitment to Kwi'fon, and this explains the direction of a number of questions.

What follows are raw fieldnotes, typed up very roughly in the evenings, and later annotated. They have not been rearranged or altered except by the insertion of a few pronouns and prepositions to make their sense clear. The page references refer to the original manuscript notes (at L.S.E.). The copy I have worked from contains a partial revision of the orthography with a view to an easily typed rendering of central vowels by oe - for example we shall read coesu tutso rather than cësu, when this convention is adopted; the inconsistencies have been left uncorrected. The word-lists have been omitted as they have been published in Occasional Paper No. 29 (1974) of the University of Ibadan Institute of African Studies under the title "Western Grassfields: Linguistic Notes".

Of the abbreviations used XXD means a question has been put: VH, QH and CH mean village head, quarter head, and compound head.

Dr Kaberry's papers are deposited at the British Library of Political and Economic Science, and the copyright is held by The London School of Economics. Prior permission to quote from these should be sought from Dr A. Raspin, BLPES, Lionel Robbins Building, 10 Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2HD.


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