This page offers links to each component page of the project and also to descriptions of the contents of these pages. The pages are listed in general chronological order.

1889 Eugen Zintgraff Description
1898 Lich Moseley Description
1905 Hptm. Hans Glauning Description
1908 Bernhard Ankermann Description
1913 Fr Johannes Emonts Description
1927 - 1953 Divisional Office Files Description
1951 M.D.W. Jeffreys 'Tribal Notes on the Bum' Description
1960 Sally Chilver's Field Diary Description
1960 - 1962 Correspondence with the Fon of Bum Description
1963 Phyllis Kaberry's Field Notes Description
1963 - June A Final Meeting at Su-Bum Description
1968 Published Account Description
1996 The Grassfields in History
1997 The Bum and their Institutions - Dr Francis B. Nyamnjoh

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