How to Use the ERA Resources

The material on this CD/website is broken up into individual projects, and each of these projects has a different navigation system. However, there are some basic guidelines which will help you to use the projects to their best effect.

Each project has a main entry screen. In some, this screen itself has a series of links to the individual elements of the project. In others, you will have to access the main navigation or contents pages by clicking a link on the main page. Once you have accessed the main navigation section, you can just follow the instructions.

In projects which have a series of themes, such as Peasant Social Worlds, there is also a contents page which will give you a listing of all the pages in the project. This is useful if you are researching something specific, rather than attempting to learn as much as possible about the project.

Within most of the pages there are embedded hypertext links which can be used to access other relevant parts of the project, for example the glossary, in-depth explanations of a particular item etc. One way of using these is to read the whole page first, then go back and access any links. This way, you won't lose yourself in the site. If you do find yourself lost, you can either use the 'back' button on your browser or the navigation bars or buttons to take you back to the main page of the section you were in.

You can return to the main ERA site at any time, by clicking on the bar at the bottom of your screen which says 'Return to main ERA page'. This will take you back to the entry screen, where you can select another project, find out more about ERA itself or even get some tips on creating your own anthropology site.

Some troubleshooting tips are on a separate page